Welcome to Cowboy Strong Security

It is difficult not to notice how every cable, phone, security, and home improvement company wants to connect you to your home. Now, from any smart phone, table, or computer, you can see your kids get home from school, unlock the door for the baby sitter, or arm a security system from anywhere. Cowboy Strong Security¬†is locally owned and operated and have been in the electronics business for over 40 years, That’s what we love, that’s what we do, and that’s what we know. So if you want to get your money’s worth, spend some time on this site and then let us work with you to “Connect Your Home” and maybe save some money. Our services do not require obsolete analog “land lines”, so you may be able to finally disconnect that expensive service you might not need any more:
  • Interactive Security
  • Energy Management
  • Home Automation
  • Video Monitoring
  • Wellness
  • Hardware & Panels
  • Whole House Audio Systems

Interactive Security

Our patented security and interactive technology provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7

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Home Automation

We offer completely connected system enabling seamless automation across your security, video and energy management systems.

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Advanced Touch Screens

We offer the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry with our 2GIG Technologies panels.

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